You and your group member own a cookies business where you make delicious brownies cookies with various flavors: Principle of Marketing Assignment, UUM, Malaysia

University Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM)
Subject Principle of Marketing

You and your group member own a cookies business where you make delicious brownies cookies with various flavors. The brand name of the brownies cookies is Brownies Letopss. You’ve got a pretty good base of regular, local customers. With no formal marketing, your Brownies Letopss made an average of RM27000 in revenue a month, which pays RM2700 to the owners. But, you and your business partner want to bring new customers and expand the market segment of Brownies Letopss. Your goal is to get the new customer of Brownies Letopss. You and your business partners aim to increase average monthly revenues by more than 20%.


Raja Coffee is a local coffeehouse with two outlets located at Bandar Baru Bangi and Shah Alam. The location of the outlets is surrounded by schools, community colleges, and universities. The nearest residential is a low-cost housing residential with a distance of 10KM. Raja Coffee serves varieties of coffee like Brewed Coffee, Vietnamese Coffee, Thai Coffee, and Malaysian Local Coffee. In addition, Raja Coffee also serves non-coffee drinks like varieties of tea and fruit juice.

The outlets also serve types of pastries and cakes, mainly French and English pastries. To bring more customers, the owner serves local Malay desserts like Kueh Talam, Cucur Udang, Kueh Koci, and Kueh Seri Muka. The product mix (i.e., menu) of Raja Coffee is attached below. The owner had a belief that ‘Everyone Can Enjoy The Cozy Meal at the Lower Price.’ Based on this belief, the price range of Raja Coffee products is RM0.90 to RM 9. The cheapest product is Kueh Seri Muka, and the most expensive product is a slice of English Fruit Cake.

Raja Coffee promotes their coffeehouses by distributing flyers to the nearest residential and sharing the newest promotion through the owner’s FB account. Raja Coffee offers a 15% discount on all products during an off-peak time such as the weekend. 60% of the menu is prepared in-house to maintain food quality, like pastries and Malay desserts. For the cake product line, Raja Coffee outsource from the bakery in Gombak. During a hot day, 3% of the cake delivered were end-up defected. Brewed coffee recorded the highest sales volume than other products, and during weekdays, 75% of the menu was sold. Meanwhile, during the weekend, 55% of the menu was sold. However, the six-monthly revenue is -25%, even though the coffeehouse started to run delivery service two months ago.

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