XYZ company plans to execute CSR activities “Sweet Run with XYZ” at Educity, Iskandar Puteri: Project Management Case Study, CU, Malaysia


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XYZ company plans to execute CSR activities  “Sweet Run with XYZ” at Educity, Iskandar Puteri. This CSR activity is open to the public. In the project initiation or conceptualization phase, your company has done stakeholder analysis.

You are required to:

  • Explain the importance of analyzing project stakeholders in deciding whether or not to follow through with the above project.
  • Conduct a stakeholder analysis by identifying THREE (3) key stakeholders and their roles in the planned project.


Explain the FIVE (5) group development stages (forming, storming norming, performing, adjourning) with an example. Rationalize the importance for project teams to move through these stages in order to be productive.


The activities necessary for the completion of a project (Table 1) are listed in the following table:

Based on the information provided in Table 1, you are required to:

  • Construct the project network diagram and calculate the cost of the project at all-time durations.
  • Determine the optimum time period that gives the lowest total cost.

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