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With the COVID-19 pandemic as the current scenario in our modern technological era, technology and information systems are now widely utilized in the management of every firm. Many enterprises and organizations throughout the world are developing the necessity to form virtual teams as a result of the global market.

Employers are not permitted to gather and do work on the premises, as well as outside gatherings, due to the COVID-19 epidemic. When it comes to software project teams, management, communication, and discussion are critical to the project’s success. Working from home is crucial for project teams in the event of a pandemic, as communication and discussion will be difficult. This is where virtual management, in conjunction with communication technologies, comes into play.

In today’s worldwide software development, virtual project teams have become incredibly vital and crucial. This method involves performing software development work while remaining in separate regions as a team, a person, or an organization. Virtual teams are made up of a group of individuals that collaborate via electronic means and can work across borders. The instruments used to collaborate across borders are communication technologies and collaborative tools.

Virtual project teams (VPT) in the software industry also involve outsourcing projects to third parties or offshoring development to divisions in remote locations. This popular virtual approach is to endeavor to leverage the potential benefits of labor profitability available between geographical locations which means various locations (Casey 2010).

The company must be able to identify that virtual teams work differently than traditional teams in terms of coordination and that they must be handled accordingly. Agile approaches such as Scrum and Kanban enable collocated teams to work together in one location. Scrum makes it easy for small teams to coordinate where they will meet and work.

Kanban, on the other hand, is based on the Just-In-Time technique, which employs Kanban boards to quickly shift work from one state to the next. Agile methodologies have become so popular in the software industry and have gained so much recognition that other industries are looking to incorporate them into their operations.

In this study, we’ll look at how software project teams in companies employ virtual project management to deal with current concerns and obstacles, as well as how agile development management can be linked to a successful project and smooth management outcomes. In these cases, it’s essential to recognize that project management for a virtual team differs from project management for a collocated team.

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