Which leadership approach/s would you personally employ or apply at work? why? This is an academic paper: Leadership and Organizational Behavior Assignment, UiTM, Malaysia

University Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
Subject Leadership and Organizational Behavior
  • Which leadership approach/s would you personally employ or apply at work? why? This is an academic paper, with the right application of theories, proper citations, and relevant use of reliable secondary research via journals, published materials, and creditable websites.
  • Describe the types/ bases of power they primarily use? and what influencing tactics they employ to increase these powers.
  • i) What leadership style or approach is predominantly used by each leader? Describe what characteristics you see to justify your answer as well outline the effects and benefits of these styles.
    ii) How would you describe the personality traits these leaders appear to possess using the Big 5 Personality Model and why?
    iii) What do you believe is their approach to ethical leadership?

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