The popularity of smoking shisha aka waterpipe, nargile and hookah tobacco has been a growing public health concern: Research Dissertation, UM, Malaysia

University Universiti Malaya (UM)
Subject Research


The popularity of smoking shisha (aka waterpipe, nargile and hookah) tobacco has been a growing public health concern (Bashir, Murtaza, Meo& Al-Masri, 2020). In some countries, shisha tobacco smoking among university students is slightly higher than cigarette consumption and e-cigarette use (Alshayban& Joseph, 2019). Shisha smokers have increasing rates of oral and lung cancers, and cardiovascular and respiratory illness (Hirpa et al, 2021). Limited studies have investigated the characteristics of students who smoke shisha tobacco, such as their personal and cultural context. Therefore, exploring these factors is essential to understand the health risks in the population of users (Badran&Laher, 2020; Williams & White, 2018).

Purpose of the study

Shisha tobacco smoking is a popular social activity, especially in the student population. To some extent, the lack of awareness and risks of shisha smoking has also contributed to its use. Compared with people who smoke cigarettes, shisha tobacco users experience more negative health outcomes and are also more likely to smoke other types of tobacco.

Few studies have looked into the characteristics of students who smoke shisha tobacco, such as their gender, age, and cultural background, which is important to explore in order to understand the health risks of users.  Therefore, we would like to understand what factors influence students’ behavior, attitudes, and experiences of smoking shisha.

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