Students are given an article British Airways suffers data breach compromising information: Information Technology Case Study, UTP, Malaysia

University Universti Teknologi Petronas (UTP)
Subject Information Technology


The purpose of this assignment is to enhance students’ understanding of COSO. Students are given an article British Airways suffers data breach compromising information on over 429,000 customer cards as a case study. Students need to understand the article and discuss the case according to COSO. At the end of this assignment, students can see how COSO can be used in designing controls for an organization.

Part 1: 

Find other sources on British Airways Data Breach and write a summary with a minimum of 500 words about the incident. As a guide, you may use the 5W1H framework to structure your summary.

Part 2: 

1. Discuss generally each component of COSO.

2. Map each component of COSO (refer to the relevant principles) to the Satyam case:
a. Control Environment
b. Risk Assessment
c. Control Activities
d. Information and Communications
e. Monitoring Activities

3. For each component of COSO, identify the components that failed. Discuss.

4. Identify the current internal controls in the context of:
i. General Controls
ii. Application Controls

5. Discuss the possible options of Risk Treatments for Satyam.

6. Propose new General and Application controls to address the risks in terms of:
i. Preventive Controls
iii. Detective Controls
iv. Corrective Controls

Part 3:

1. Based on your opinions, list possible additional risks (financial, regulatory, operational, technology/technical, natural) that may occur.

2. Discuss the relatedness between the components “risk assessment” and “monitoring activities”.

3. Discuss the relatedness between the components “control environment”, “information & communications” and “monitoring activities”.

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