Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd in Kota Kinabalu is conducting a survey to find out the average monthly consumption of electricity: Introduction to Statistic Assignment, UiTM, Malaysia

University Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
Subject Introduction to Statistic


a) Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd in Kota Kinabalu is conducting a survey to find out the average monthly consumption of electricity in a housing estate. The area consists of 20 blocks of double-story houses. Each block consists of 10 houses. A random sample of 5 blocks is selected. All the houses in each block are included as units in the sample.
i) State the population, sample, and sampling frame for the above study.
ii) State the variable of interest, type of variable, and scale of measurement for the above study.
iii) Name the sampling technique used in the study. Briefly explain how the sample will be selected using this technique.
iv) State the most suitable data collection method to be used for the study. Give one advantage of the suggested method.

b) Briefly define each of the following terms:
Sampling frame
Convenience Sampling

c) State the type of variable and scale of measurement of the following variables.
i) Customer service ratings at three fast-food restaurants
ii) Mobile broadband speed
iii) Models of computer


The following table presents the demand for IT Jobs in 2022


Present the above data using a cluster bar chart and give a brief comment on the chart obtained.


The monthly sales (RM ‘00) of Kreah shop in November are as follows:

68 55 55 70 30 47 55

i) Calculate the mean daily sales and standard deviation for the Kreah shop
ii) Find the modal value of the sales
iii) Use the appropriate measure to state the shape of the distribution
iv) Mean sales and the standard deviation for the Mastan shop are RM4500 and RM551 respectively. Which shop is more consistent in sales?

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