PSY207: Your task is to “find a gap” in relation to one of these articles and write a proposal for research based on that gap: Social Psychology Report, UOT, Malaysia

University University of Tasmania (UOT)
Subject PSY207: Social Psychology


Your task is to “find a gap” in relation to one of these articles and write a proposal for research based on that gap (i.e., research question). *These articles can be found under the PSY207 Reading List.

Your proposal must be quantitative and experimental/quasi-experimental (i.e., you must have one independent variable (IV) that is manipulated and a dependent variable (DV) that is measured).

Reflecting on the 4 articles we examine in this activity, you might choose to look at something no one has looked at before, OR, you may choose to examine an age-old question within a new context or account for variables that have yet to be considered.

Hint: Consider the prompts we use to identify gaps within the practical task and think about your own interests and burning questions on the topic – then pursue these in a scientific manner!

2. Develop and state research aims and hypotheses, which logically follow the rationale.

3. Apply knowledge of research methods in social psychology to explain an appropriate design to address your hypotheses

4. Scholarly communication and formatting

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