Covid-19 Pandemic and Challenges faced in Hotel Industry in Malaysia : Hospitality & Hotel Management Report, SU, Malaysia


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Hospitality & hotel management

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Project-Based Internship DHM

Covid-19 Pandemic and Challenges faced in Hotel Industry in Malaysia

1.0. Introduction

1.1 Explain the current Covid-19 historical traces and trends in Malaysia.

1.2 Include background information about the affected industry due to Covid 19.

1.3 Effects of Covid-19 and MCO/CMCO/EMCO on industry and the economy.

1.4 Effects of Covid-19 and MCO/CMCO/EMCO on employees and employers in the private sector.

2.0. Issues

2.1 Challenges faced by the employees due to this pandemic.

• Include the source(s) of the information.

• Any kind of interview or information survey (articles, newspaper news) can be used for analysis.

2.2 Challenges faced by the employers due to this pandemic.

• Identify the current trends faced during the MCO/CMCO?EMCO period and how they addressed those issues with the sectors and industry.

2.3 Pay cut, retrenchment and termination issues due to this pandemic. • Evaluate the recent increase in several workers’ issues and the problems that are solved and pending discussions.

2.4 Issues and conflicts between employers and employees during this pandemic.

• Describe the kinds of new cases and conflicts that happened in Malaysia.

2.5 Identify how the pandemic has interfered with the way the companies operate daily.

• Elaborate on the structural and design impacts of Covid-19 on companies and whether survival and sustainability are a possibility.

3.0. Discussions

3.1 Real case scenarios in any preferred company and industry.

3.2 Discuss management issues faced by the organization due to this pandemic

3.3 Describe new specific knowledge that you have acquired and the skills you developed in the course of this project and relate these skills to the knowledge acquired in class.

3.4 Discuss specific experiences within the organization that contributed to the outcomes of your findings.

3.5 Explain new norms that the organization practices during the MCO/CMCO/EMCO phases.

4.0. Suggestions and recommendations

4.1 Role of the employer towards protecting their employees and interests.

4.2 Role of employees in getting themselves back on track post-Covid-19.

4.3 Government’s role in overcoming the situation post-Covid- 19.

4.4 Private sector’s role in overcoming the situation post-Covid- 19.

4.5 Suggestions and recommendations for the betterment of employees, employers, the government, and private organizations.

5.0. Conclusion

5.1 Conclude with ongoing consideration of the Covid 19 pandemic in Malaysia.

5.2 Summary of alternative ways and policies to maximize the productivity of the organization.

5.3 Discuss the major impacts on companies that were identified directly and indirectly during the pandemic.

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