PRJ 3036: The research project is intended to provide you with the opportunity to explore at length and in-depth aspects of theory, knowledge, experience: Research Project 2 Research Paper, SU, Malaysia

University Sunway University (SU)
Subject PRJ 3036: Research Project 2


The research project is intended to provide you with the opportunity to explore at length and in-depth aspects of theory, knowledge, experience, and skills introduced during the degree program and draw critical interpretations from this analysis. Further, the ability to make sense of the area under investigation, unravel the complexities and develop purposeful insights is at the heart of the research project.

The research project is an academic piece of work, written for an academic audience. It should therefore be dispassionate and critical and it is expected to contain details of a significant amount of your own research.

The work that will go into your research project will form a significant part of your BSc (Hons) International Hospitality Management, BSc (Hons) Culinary Management degree, and BSc (Hons) Conventions and Events Management. As PRJ 3036 is a 6-credit module, the minimum notional working time expected from you is 160 hours. This is almost certainly much more than any piece of academic work you have previously encountered, so time management is very important indeed. In conjunction with your supervisor, you are encouraged to draw up a timeline, planning what you will have achieved by what date, so as to ensure that you finish your work by the required deadline without having to rush.

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Outcome-based Education

The development and implementation of clear expectations regarding undergraduate student learning outcomes is a key feature of learner-centered education. With the implementation of the OUTCOME-BASED EDUCATION, Sunway University has adopted a learner-centered, outcomes-based educational model, an approach that focuses on the intended learning outcomes that result from instruction.

Subject Learning Outcomes (SLO):

On completion of this subject, students should be able to:

SLO 1 Apply acquired research skills in carrying out an academic research project.
SLO 2 Analyse relevant data using appropriate tools and techniques.
SLO 3 Present a research project.

Programme Learning Outcomes (PLO):

After completing the program, students will be able to:

PLO 1: Discuss perspectives, principles, and theoretical fundamentals in relation to the hospitality industry.

PLO 2: Recognise and critically evaluate hospitality issues and challenges and develop creative, innovative strategies for successful management.

PLO 3: Apply the appropriate managerial skills, tools, and techniques in managing hospitality operations.

PLO 4: Interact effectively with multiple stakeholders in diverse social, cultural, and environmental contexts.

PLO 5: Communicate clearly and effectively, ideas, information, problems, and solutions, orally and in writing.

PLO 6: Use a range of digital skills to seek, process, interpret and present data graphically or visually.

PLO 7: Use a range of numerical skills to interpret and present routine and complex numerical data.

PLO 8: Function effectively as an individual and within a team as well as demonstrate leadership, personal responsibility, autonomy, accountability, and social skills.

PLO 9: gage in self-directed life-long learning, with an appreciation of wider environmental issues.

PLO10: Apply managerial and entrepreneurial skills in related projects or activities.

PLO11: Embed ethics, integrity, professionalism, and sustainability in making decisions.

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