pipe branch system that is used to deliver water. The cross-sectional areas for pipes A and B are 0.00785 m2 and 0.00283 m2 respectively: Fluid Mechanics Assignment, UM, Malaysia


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Fluid Mechanics

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Figure Q1 below shows a pipe branch system that is used to deliver water. The cross-sectional areas for pipes A and B are 0.00785 m2 and 0.00283 m2 respectively. Water velocities for pipe A, pipe B, and pipe D are 1.5 m/s, 2 m/s, and 0.5 m/s respectively. If the cross-sectional area for pipe D is 50% greater than pipe C, solve the diameter (m) for pipe C.


Water is being siphoned from Tank A to Tank B using a 0.05 m diameter flexible hose as shown in Figure Q2 below. The water velocity and diameter at the nozzle exit are 10 m/s and 0.02 m respectively. Using Bernoulli’s equation, solve: i. the pressure at point 2 in Pa and ii. the elevation difference between point 1 and point 3 in m.

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A reducing elbow is fitted in between two different pipes to deflect the flow of oil (poi, = 800 kg/m3) as shown in Figure Q3. The pressure of the inlet, Pullet is 400 kPa and the mass flow rate, the rim of oil in the piping system is 50 kg/s. The total mass of the oil and the elbow is 2 kg. Determine i. the pressure at the outlet, P °Wel. ii. the anchoring force, FR required to hold the elbow from moving, and iii. the line of action for FR.


A venturi meter is used to measure the volume of gas flowing through a pipe with an entrance diameter, d, of 0.5 m and the throat diameter, d2 of 0.2 m. Assuming the specific weight of the gas to be constant at 19.62 N/m3 and incompressible, determine the volume flow rate of gas when the pressure difference between the entrance and the throat, x is measured as 0.5 m on a water U-tube manometer as shown in Figure 04.

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