OPM549: Elaborate on three (3) project management activities. A stereo company supplies car radios to auto manufacturers and is going to: Operation Management Assignment, UiTM, Malaysia

University Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
Subject OPM549: Operation Management

Question 1

  1. Elaborate on three (3) project management activities.
  2. A stereo company supplies car radios to auto manufacturers and is going to open a new plant. The company is undecided between Serendah and Seremban as the site. The fixed costs for Serendah are lower due to cheaper land costs, but the variable costs are higher because shipping distances would increase. Given the following costs:

OPM 549 Operation Management

i. Graph the total-cost lines for all the sites.
ii. Over what range of volume is each location the preferable one?
iii. For a volume of 20,000 units, which site is the best?

Question 2

  1. Explain with examples two (2) tactics in improving reliability and two (2) tactics in maintenance management.
  2. Suggest four (4) approaches to increasing repair capabilities in maintenance management.

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