Newcom is a newly established private limited company in Malaysia that supplies telecommunication services: Management Assignment, SU, Malaysia

University Sunway University (SU)
Subject Management

Newcom is a newly established private limited company in Malaysia that supplies telecommunication services. Noicogsa company was founded by five young teens with the idea of providing a new option of internet services for Malaysians.

With a motto of “Share the Joy”, our company insisted on sharing the joy of being able to connect to each other by providing packages and plans that suit the Malaysians’ needs nowadays.

As we are now entering this new era and facing this endemic of Con& 19, this world has shown us that virtual communications really matter for us to survive during this time Traditional communications have become no longer relevant.

Even with the influx of companies providing similar services, we still want to try to venture into this field and provide services on par with others. Like other companies that provide internet services, we also offer plans that will suit users’ tastes and bring you more variety of choices.

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