MGT555: Refer to the Cell Phone survey dataset in Excel, it consists of items such as gender, type of cell phone, usage, carrier: Business Analytics Assignment, UiTM, Malaysia


Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)

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Individual Assignment


MGT555: Business Analytic

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Question 1

Refer to the Cell Phone survey dataset in Excel, it consists of items such as gender, type of cell phone, usage, carrier and etc. Market research wanted to investigate whether gender and the type of cell phone are dependent.

  1. Assist the researcher to identify the appropriate analysis to be used
  2. Construct null and alternative hypotheses for the above analysis
  3. Based on a) and b), analyze the hypothesis, make decisions,s and draw conclusions using the critical value approach and p-value approach.

Question 2

The Coordinator Programme of Business Economics wanted to investigate the improvement of students’ grades in the final exam for a subject after attending Score A courses. Using the Student’s Grades data in an Excel file apply critical value and p-value approaches to

  1. State the suitable procedure for hypothesis testing
  2. Construct hypothesis testing for these analyses
  3. Analysis of the hypothesis, making the decision, and stating the conclusion

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Question 3

A company wanted to investigate travel expenses for the year 2020. However, one of the sales representatives, Crawford says that travel expenses for Crawford are less than another sales representative, Smith. Therefore, the manager would like to investigate whether the average expenses for Crawford are more than Smith’s. By using Travel Expenses data in Excel.

  1. Help the manager to sort/filter the appropriate data
  2. Assist the sales manager in determining the type of hypothesis analysis to be employed.
  3. Run the hypothesis. By using a 0.05 significance level, interpret the results using the critical value and p-value approaches.

Question 4

A group of business studies students is conducting a study to determine the factors affecting employee salary in UiTM Machang. By using the Employee Salary Data, note that the dependent variable is ‘salary’ and other variables are independent variables.  Based on the dataset provided, given α= 0.05, answer the following questions:

  1. Write and interpret the regression model (equation).
  2. Briefly explain Multiple R and R square
  3. Construct an Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) hypothesis and interpret the result
  4. Construct hypothesis testing for ALL the independent variables and interpret independent sample t-test results
  5. Use the standard residuals to determine if any outlier exists.

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