Mega Technology is a small software design company set up two years ago In Mega Technology’s short period trading: Project Management Case Study, CU, Malaysia

University curtin university (CU)
Subject Project Management



Mega Technology is a small software design company set up two years ago. In Mega Technology’s short period trading it has built up a strong local reputation working with small businesses to develop software applications.

Two months ago, Mega Technology accepted a large software development project from a local manufacturing company, although to date the company had no previous experience in managing a project of this scale. In addition, Mega Technology already had a full order book from existing clients.

Mark was appointed as project manager; he is technically competent but is not happy about being responsible for team management and coordination. The project team has been given a broad outline of the timescales for the project activities but it believes they are unrealistic. When members of the team expressed their concerns to Mark he stated that ‘as project manager, he had ultimate control over the project and they should just get on with the job’. Mark added that ‘he was focused on the task and this was his most important role as project manager.’ Mark’s approach has led to the project team becoming demotivated and less productive.

Mega Technology has a limited number of software engineers available for its projects, so Mark has planned to assign them to the project as and when they are required. Once phase one of the project was underway, Mark allocated three software engineers to work full time on the project. One of the engineers became ill and one of the other engineers has been sent for by his line manager to carry out work on another project. This has reduced the number of software engineer hours available and the project is already behind schedule. Mark is aware that without the additional engineers the project will not be delivered within the required timescales.

Mark knows the importance of a project sponsor for authorizing changes to the project. He is also aware that he needs to keep the project sponsor informed of any issues that might delay the progress of the project, but the project has stated without the identification of a project sponsor. Although Mark understands the problems that are caused when the project is not updated for changes, he has decided that he will not adjust the plan for the delay until a sponsor is allocated to the project.

The client has now contacted the Finance Director of Mega Technology and wants to arrange a meeting because it is not satisfied with the amount of contact it has with Mark as project manager. It is concerned that, as the customer for the project, its expectations are not being met.

You are required to:

  1. Discuss the various challenges Mark is facing in the project due to his lack of people and project management skills, and how he could overcome them.
  2. Analyze the strategies available to Mega Technology to address the issue of time, cost, resources, and quality in the website project.
  3. Analyse the project environment in the organization, describe with an example Ten (10) important project leadership characteristics that Mark need to master to succeed as a project manager.
  4. Discuss THREE (3) potential drawbacks and benefits of requiring project team members to be involved in multiple projects at the same time.

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