LAW1014: Laurie who is 16 years of age, decides to leave home She travels to Kuala Lumpur, where she quickly finds herself a full-time job: Business law Assignment, SU, Malaysia

University Sunway University (SU)
Subject LAW1014: Business law

Question 2 

Laurie who is 16 years of age, decides to leave home. She travels to Kuala Lumpur, where she quickly finds herself a full-time job at Hallam & Co and a small room in which to live with Mr. Jenkins. She pays 3 months’ rent as a deposit for the room. She is not sure whether the job is something that she wishes to be doing for the long term and the room is a dirty and long way from work, although it is cheap to rent. She also contracts with Sammy Groceries to be supplied with food supplies to be paid on credit.

Laurie now has found a new room at cheaper rent as well as a cleaner environment. Laurie seeks to terminate the rental contract with Mr. Jenkins but is told that the 3 months rental deposit would be forfeited.

Laurie also has found a better job nearer her new accommodation and now seeks to terminate her job at Hallam and Co. Her attention to bring to a clause in her contract which states that,

1. A part-time employee under this contract is bound not to resign at any point of time unless and otherwise such resignation is approved by the Human Resource Manager of the firm.

2. The Human Resource Manager of the firm reserves the right to terminate an employee under a part-time employment contract without any notice being given prior to termination.

She has also not paid Sammy Groceries for one month for the food supplied to her.

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