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KPMG’s global 2020 HR Pulse Survey received responses from nearly 1,300 HR executives worldwide across diversified industries including financial services, retail, professional and businesses, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, and education and non-profit. The survey was conducted to provide insights into understanding how COVID-19 was affecting HR functions.

In Malaysia, 87 percent of HR Executives believed HR played a leading role in responding to COVID-19.  However, in the next 12-24 months new challenges are likely to arise with a prediction that 13 percent of the workforce will be made redundant, 30 percent will continue working from home and 47 percent of the workforce will need to be reskilled or upskilled towards the “new reality”.  According to the survey, only 39 percent of HR executives in Malaysia say that their organization is adapting to the ‘new reality”.

Equally surprising, 39 percent consider their organization to still be in the resilience phase and are supporting and developing leaders and employees to manage uncertainty. To efficiently prepare for the ‘new reality’, HR needs to look into the more strategic challenges of shaping the workforce to drive competitive advantages over the medium and long-term goals of the company.


Discuss FIVE (5) ways in which Human Resource Management can help organizations to become more resilient, especially during the current challenging times. Provide relevant examples related to your own workplace.

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