Infinity College of Technology (ICT) provides sports facilities to be used not only by its students but also by the public: Computer Application Assignment, ICT, Malaysia

University Infinity College of Technology (ICT)
Subject Computer Application

Question 1

Infinity College of Technology (ICT) provides sports facilities to be used not only by its students but also by the public. To keep track of the booking information of the facilities, ICT hires a database designer to design and develop a database system according to the following requirements:

  • The facilities provided by ICT include sports equipment, a gymnasium, a court for games like badminton, futsal, and netball, a football field, and indoor games. Generally, these facilities can be categorized into two categories which are equipped and venues. The information that should be recorded for facilities includes Fac_ID, Fac_Type, Fac_Name, Fac_Desc, and Fac_Rate. The equipment may have its own specific attribute such as unit availability while capacity is a special characteristic of the venues.
  • A user can book many facilities and a facility can be booked by many users. Booking information is needed such as UserID, a facility that they want to book, time of use, date of use, and quantity of equipment and number of venues they need.
  • A user can be a student or the staff of ICT or they could be outsiders. The students or staff may use the sports equipment and venue for free but the outsiders, they will be charged. All types of users may have their own special characteristics that should be recorded.
  • The staff of the sports center at ICT can record many bookings, and each booking is recorded by only one staff.

Question 2

Identify the business rules in the ERD diagrams below:

Computer Application

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