Identify a problem that is being faced by you or your organization and find ways to solve that problem. Show your approach: Creative & Innovative Strategy Essay, UTM, Malaysia

University Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)
Subject Creative & Innovative Strategy

Identify a problem that is being faced by you or your organization and find ways to solve that problem. Show your approach to how to solve the problem and the solution(s) in your answer. Please use some of the problem-solving tools that have been discussed in class.

  • Brief write-up on what is creativity and innovation (definitions, etc). Why need to be creative? Why do companies need to innovate?
  • Brief write-up on the company
  • What is the problem identified? What causes it? The effects?
  • The proposed solution(s) – you may need to use Mindmap here.
  • How do you plan to implement the solution(s)?
  • The likely outcomes and the benefits to be derived.

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