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I once attended a meeting with an entrepreneur and managers who were responding to a competitor’s new application launch. Their goal was to introduce a new product to prevent loss of market share. They had a rough idea of the product, its look, and its cost.

Their marketing director proposed emulating competitors but at a lower price. Others suggested creating a user-friendly system, changing information collection methods, and simplifying integration with third parties. However, the technical manager worried about the extended coding hours required.

The product in question was communication software that managed multiple channels. Despite its initial creation years ago, the software’s usability was inferior to that of the competitor, particularly its well-received mobile app.

The company, more versed in traditional projects, was unfamiliar with Agile projects or launching a minimum viable product (MVP). The unknown outcome of an MVP launch on their user base caused uneasiness.

Repeated meetings failed to clearly define the product. However, as the competitor gained ground, consensus within the company grew: “We need a fully functioning product, not a half-finished one.”

Although the unknown initially caused hesitation, the situation became a learning opportunity to discern what would provide real value to their users. This led to the decision to employ Design Thinking to create a simplified yet effective product, focusing on essential features that would genuinely benefit the end user.

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