GSGM7334: The CIO of A&D High Tech, Matt Webb, needs to determine whether the proposed online store project can be completed in time: Project Management Assignment, UIU, Malaysia

University UNITAR International University (UIU)
Subject GSGM7334: Project Management


There are FOUR (4) questions in this question paper. You are required to answer ALL questions.

The CIO of A&D High Tech, Matt Webb, needs to determine whether the proposed online store project can be completed in time for the holiday shopping season. A new project manager, Chris Johnson, has taken over the management of the project. He has all of the components of the plan, but he needs to integrate them and is looking to quickly come up with an answer.

The related questions are:


What is the projected completion date? (Assume there are no holidays and ignore the sunk cost of the planning team’s effort.) Prepare the plan indicating the completion date.


Estimate the total cost. How much of the total cost are labor costs and capital costs?


Assess the level of risk in the project.


What is your opinion on the potential for the project to be completed on time? Give TWO (2) justifications.

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