Explanation of ideas and information/content and organization: accurate and detailed descriptions of the problems: Nursing Assignment, UPM, Malaysia

University Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)
Subject Nursing
  • Explanation of ideas and information/content and organization: accurate and detailed descriptions of the problems and issues central to the topics.
  • Possess analytical and critical-thinking skills and highly knowledgeable about the topic discussed with strong support by evidence and relevant literature; able to establish connections between theoretical and empirical information
  • Create the outline for the debate, beginning with an introduction, body, and conclusion with references.
  • The introduction of the video will state the issue debated, as well as an overview of the different sides of the debate.
  • The body of the task will outline information from both sides of the debate.
  • Give a conclusion, discussing why the audience should support your opinion.

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