Assignment Question: Examine Patients’ Rights in the Context of a Selected Medical Problem: Research Paper, Malaysia


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Assignment Question: Examine Patients’ Rights in the Context of a Selected Medical Problem.

Instructions: 1.
Medical Problem Selection: Choose a specific medical problem discussed in the module “Patients’ Rights: Birth to Death.” This problem could pertain to issues at any stage of a patient’s life, from birth to end-of-life care.

2. Legal Framework Identification:
Research and identify the relevant governing laws and regulations addressing this medical problem. Consider the following:
a. International Treaties: Examine relevant international treaties or conventions related to patients’ rights.
b. Regional Instruments: Investigate any regional instruments, agreements, or directives that may apply.
c. Domestic Laws: Analyze the domestic laws and regulations within your own country (or a specific country of your choice) that address this medical problem.
d. Policies: Explore healthcare policies or guidelines relevant to the medical problem.

3. Medico- Legal Analysis:
Conduct a thorough analysis of the identified legal framework. Evaluate the effectiveness of these laws and regulations in addressing and resolving the selected medical problem. Consider aspects such as the protection of patients’ rights, enforcement mechanisms, and any gaps or limitations in the legal framework.
4. Recommendations for Change:
Based on your analysis, propose specific changes or recommendations that could enhance the legal framework to better address the selected medical problem. These recommendations may involve amendments to existing laws, new policies, or other strategies to improve patient care and rights.




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