ENG60904 Select any one of the DC OR AC machines. Discuss in detail the construction, working principles: Introduction to Electronics and Electrical Power and Machines Report, TU, Malaysia


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ENG60904 Introduction to Electronics and Electrical Power and Machines Report

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Assignment Tasks (DC & AC MACHINES)

Part 1 (Select any one of the DC or AC machines)

You are required to select any one of the DC OR AC machines. Discuss in detail the construction, working principles, characteristics, and examples of applications. You may choose one of the following but is not limited to;

DC machines-Permanent magnet, series, shunt and compound DC motor.

AC machines-Induction, synchronous, single-phase, three-phase, squirrel cage induction, and phase wound motor.

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Part 2 (Performances of DC and AC machines by calculation and case study)

Based on the selected application, illustrate the calculations of motor performances in terms of power, speed, torque, efficiency and etc. The calculation must be supported by the diagram of an equivalent motor circuit.


Part 3 (Report Writing and Submission):

  • Write a report within 30 pages (MAX).
  • Font: 12 Times New Roman, Line spacing: 5.
  • The report should be submitted on 30th November 2023 in PDF via
  • The report should have an abstract, brief introduction, details construction, principles operation of DC & AC machines, an example of calculation showing performances evaluation, results and discussion, conclusion and any other supporting information you find
  • Also, the report should include a cover page with title of the assignment, module name and code, student name and ID of the members (a sample is provided below).
  • References – List down all the sources that you have referred with proper in-text citation (indicate in the text where have you applied the references) and format. Your findings must be supported by relevant articles from journals, conference proceedings and etc.

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