EEPB353: Refer to the simplified Power System Network of a transmission system network Recently, The government’s economic planning: Power System Assignment, UOM, Malaysia

University University of Melbourne (UOM)
Subject EEPB353: Power System

Refer to the simplified Power System Network of a transmission system network. Recently, The government’s economic planning unit has asked MGC to investigate if it is possible to build a new township at Xperia City.

As a power system planner for the Malaysian Grid Company Inc, you are tasked to consistently evaluate the network under your care to ensure that the power network is operating in a safe condition. The criteria used by the utility is that the voltage magnitude must be within the standard voltage ranges (Vmax = 1.05 pu, Vmin – 0.95 pu).

  • You are required to investigate the maximum load that Bus 7 can take without experiencing Undervoltage problems during Normal and N-1 contingency. You are to build a voltage profile of the system with varying loads and use this to assess the location of the weak buses in the network.
  • If Xperia City is to grow into a big township in the next 15 years as such that load is 1.5 times higher than the maximum load found in (a), what does MGC need to do to ensure a smooth, stable and consistent power supply with minimal interruption? Verify your solution by assessing the MGC voltage profile.
  • Based on the scenario and possible solutions mentioned in (b), what would you do to make the grid to be more environmentally cleaner and sustainable? Include in your plan how you would get everybody to agree and be active in your initiative.

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