DPJ5531: Propose your own title and develop one Java application based: Programming in Java Assignment, HWU, Malaysia

University Heriot-Watt University (HWU)
Subject DPJ5531: Programming in Java

A. Propose your own title and develop one Java application based on the title.

B. Please register your project title at this link (latest by 28th Oct 2022, Friday). All titles registered must be unique.

C. Application requirements:

  • Class – at least 2 classes
  • Object – at least 2 objects
  • Methods – at least 4 methods
  • Arrays – at least 1 array structure
  • Object-oriented – apply at least 1 object-oriented feature other than
  • classes and objects
  • Exception handling – at least 3 exception handling blocks
  • Extra Mark:

i. Apply advanced features into the program
ii. Apply graphical user interface, events and graphics programming

Since the project entails designing and implementing an original program
that represents you, use this opportunity to showcase your creativity in
your program design.

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