CSEB2113: Write C++ statements to perform the following tasks: Declare a variable name my Class of type integer in an array form with size 20: Programming 1 Assignment, TNU, Malaysia


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CSEB2113: Programming 1

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Q1. Write C++ statements to perform the following tasks:

  • Declare a variable name myClass of type integer in an array form with size 20
  • Assigning a value 9 to a name variable fixVar using #define preprocessor directive
  • Declare a variable name mySum of type double and assign a value 10 to the variable

Q2. Refer to the below table:
a) Locate and explain the errors (by indicating the line number)
b) Correct the above errors.

Programming with C++

Q3. Analyze the following program fragment:

Programming with C++

Modify the above, so that it displays two messages “You have failed the exam!” and “Please study to improve your grade”, if marks are less than or equal to 50.

Q4. Re-write the following program fragment using switch statements without changing its logic

Programming with C++

Q5. Answer the following:

  • Write the function prototypes for each of the following:
    i. Function hypotenuse() that takes two double-precision floating-point parameters, side1 and side2, and returns a double-precision floating-point result.
    ii. Function instructions() that do not receive any input parameters and do not return a value.
  • Define the C++ function called product() that reads three integers and finds the largest inside the function.

Q6. Answer the following questions, given the declaration of an array of type float called CGPA with its elements as stated below.

Programming with C++

a) Write a C++ statement to assign 2.00 as a new value to the second element of the array.
b) Determine the number of elements that the CGPA array has.
c) Using an appropriate loop, write a C++ program fragment to display each array element one by one given int index;

Q7. Given the declarations below, answer all the following questions:

Programming with C++

a) Write a C++ statement to copy the whole string from lyric to play.
b) Write a C++ statement to copy only 10 characters from the lyric to backup.
c) Write a C++ statement to find the difference between the strings between play and lyric by comparing them using an appropriate built-in function used to compare strings. Then, display the differences on the screen.

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