CSC248 Students need to solve each of processing proposed in Linked List and Queue data structure: Data Structure Assignment, UiTM, Malaysia

University Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
Subject CSC248 Data Structure Assignment

Phase 2: Development & Implementation
Students need to solve each of processing proposed in Linked List and Queue data structure. The development of each processing will be in both data structure (Linked List and Queue).

a) Define a class of objects that consists of the object’s attributes and necessary methods.

b) Define a linked list ADT and node class that would be able to do the following processing:
i. insert node at front and at the back of the list.
ii. remove node anywhere in the list.
iii. provide traversal from head until the last node in the list. (getHead() and getNext()).
iv. determine the size of the list.
v. status of whether the list is empty or has element(s).
vi. a method to display details of all elements in the list.

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c) Define a queue (ADT) data structure with all the necessary methods.
i. add data at the end of the list (enqueue).
ii. Removes data at the beginning of a list (dequeue).
iii. Determine size of the list.
iv. Determine whether the list is empty.
d) Define TWO (2) application class to implement the processes:
i. First is to implement the 5 processing in Linked List data structure.
ii. Second is to implement the 5 processing in Queue data structure.
*The data for processing should be stored and read from an input File (.txt).

Phase 3: Report and Presentation (Week 14)
All Final Group Projects should be uploaded (softcopy) by WEEK 14 and project presentation will be scheduled during WEEK 14. Your Final Group Project Report should include the following information.
The report submission and presentation date will be confirmed later.
Present your work as scheduled by your lecturer and submit a report that consists of:
a. Front page
b. Table of contents.
c. Introduction of group members.
d. Distribution of works between team members
e. Project background
f. Class Diagram with attributes and methods.
g. 5 List of processing.
h. Complete coding of all classes.
i. Sample input and output.
j. Conclusions of your finding: which of the data structure best applied in your

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