Create a Java class named Book as part of a Library Management System. Implement the class: Object-Oriented Programming Assignment, OUM, Malaysia

University Open University Malaysia (OUM)
Subject Implement the class: Object-Oriented Programming


Create a Java class named Book as part of a Library Management System. Implement the class with the following specifications:

Attributes/Data fields (all are private):

title – to hold the title of the book

author  – to hold the name of the author

price  – to hold the price of the book


  • A constructor to initialize the title, author, and price
  • Getter methods for each attribute
  • A setter method for price
  • A method displayDetails() to display the book details
  • A method getDiscountedPrice() that takes a discount percentage as a parameter and returns the discounted price of the book
  • A method comparePrice() that compares the price of the book with another book and displays the book title having a higher price. This method will have a Book object as its parameter

Then, include TWO additional methods of your choice that enhance the functionality of the Book class. You can also add one or two attributes to accommodate these two methods. Provide a justification, ranging from 250 to 350 words, explaining how these two methods contribute to the functionality of the class.

Provide clear comments on your program.

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(40 marks/markah)


Create TWO objects of Book in a main() method. The first object will have the following initial values:

Book title:      Java Programming

Author:           James Smith

Price:              450


The second object will have the following initial values:


Book title:      Advanced Java Programming

Author:           William Lee

Price:              600

Display the attribute values of each object.

Compare the price of the two books above and display the book title having the higher price by using the method comparePrice().

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