COMP2041: DaiChao is a chain of Malaysian-style restaurants in Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore: Software Specification Case Study, SU, Malaysia


Sunway University (SU)

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Individual Assignment


COMP2041: Software Specification

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Case Study

DaiChao is a chain of Malaysian-style restaurants in Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore. DaiChao’s executive board has decided to launch a program that rewards guests who regularly eat in their restaurant and also increases the
number of such guests. The core of the new program will be the so-called Dachau Members Club. For every Ringgit, Baht, or Dollar that guests spend in a DaiChao restaurant, they earn member points. The idea is to apply a
gamification approach with points, levels, badges, etc., and provide privileges and rewards which depend on the number of points and the level reached.

You work as a requirement and software expert for a consulting company. The management of the DaiChao group has temporarily hired you from that consulting company. Your first task is to elaborate on the requirements for the
software system needed to run the DaiChao Members Club, called DaiChao4Me. Later, you will work as a product owner with a team of developers who develop the system.

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