CHE61504: Create the dimensionless relationship and design of the airport wind anemometer: Engineering Fluid Mechanics Assignment, TU, Malaysia


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CHE61504: Engineering Fluid Mechanics

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Task 1: Create the dimensionless relationship and design of the airport wind anemometer

As a design engineer, you need to design a centrifugal pump with your project team member. A centrifugal pump is a mechanical device used to move fluid by means of the transfer of rotational energy of one or more driven rotors which makes the fluid flow. Your team member and you have constructed the centrifugal pump model and carried out an experimental run with the model. The experiment for the centrifugal pump was carried out by using water. The data for pressure drop, ∆P were collected for different angular velocities, ω, and flow rate, Q as shown in Table 1

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a. It is known that the pressure drops, ∆P is a function of the impeller diameter, D, flow rate, Q, angular velocity, ω, and density, ρ. For all the data, assume the centrifugal impeller diameter used is 0.3 m. Create the dimensionless relation for this problem and plot the data above in this dimensionless manner. Comment on the possible uncertainty of the result.

b. Using the experimental results, your team is going to use these data to design a centrifugal pump prototype with a centrifugal impeller diameter of 0.55 m. Instead of using water, fuel oil (ρ = 0.890 g/cm3) will be used. When the angular velocity is 100 rad/s, your desired pressure drop is 350 kPa, what should be the proper flow rate? Identify the possible limitations of your design?

Task 2: Write a report with references for the application of Fluid Mechanic’s fundamental principles on hydroelectric energy and wind energy to generate electrical energy.

Write a report with references to capture how could the application of Fluid Mechanics fundamental principles related to the hydroelectric energy and wind energy that is used to generate electrical energy. For example, you may use the “Shepherds Flat Wind Farm” as the start of the research. You are required to write a clear and succinct analysis of the topic and show the evidence related to the application of the Fluid Mechanics principle, particularly on the flow of viscous media using the energy balance principle. There is no restriction placed on how to approach the topic analysis. The report should not be exceeded 6 pages.

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