CGE665 Required to specialized in at least one tangible specialist skill set, e.g. gas injection facilities specialist: Facilities Engineering Assignment, UiTm, Malaysia

University Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
Subject CGE665 Engineering Assignment

a) Each person is required to specialized in at least one tangible specialist skill set, e.g. gas injection facilities specialist, pipeline/piping design specialist, separator specialist, heater, etc.

b) Design the layout an structural of the offshore platform, including production equipment, pipeline system, utilities, safety systems etc.

c) Determine the sizes of the main equipment/components and pipeline system.

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d) Justify your design based on technical grounds and the use of appropriate codes and standards.

e) Write a proposal to consolidate your design and findings obtained throughout the project duration.

f) Your project will be evaluated for technical content, correctness of concepts and use of sound engineering principles.

g) Prepare a 20 – 30 minutes professional presentation to showcase the project to instructors and peers.

h) For presentation, you are required to used gamma app. Please use this link for gamma registration

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