Briefly describe your chosen research area or problem statement, and identify the issues to be investigated: Statistical Decision Making Assignment, SU, Malaysia

University Sunway University (SU)
Subject Statistical Decision Making
  1. Briefly describe your chosen research area or problem statement, and identify the issues to be investigated.
  2. Identify the main aims and objectives of the study. Formulate the hypotheses (H₀ and H₁) to be tested by each of the statistical techniques (A, B, C, and D). The hypotheses formulated should be appropriate and relevant to the statistical techniques used, and in tandem with the aims and objectives.
  3. Generate and present your data set in an SPSS spreadsheet, and use the “print-screen” function to exhibit both the data and variable views in your assignment hardcopy. Demonstrate the application of each statistical technique in hypothesis testing. All the statistical results/outputs need to be labeled and numbered for easy reference.
    You do not need to include all your outputs but select the outputs that will support your conclusions.
    Explain and interpret all your findings.
  4. Briefly summarise your report. Draw conclusions and make recommendations. What are the implications of the results? Where appropriate, identify limitations and areas for further investigations/study.

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