Brian Sdn Bhd has just recorded a net income of RM400.000 and WI distribute three quarters Advanced Corporate Finance Assignment, UON, Malaysia

University University of Nottingham (UON)
Subject Advance Corporate Finance
  1. Brian Sdn Bhd has just recorded a net income of RM400.000 and WI distribute three quarters (3/4) of it to either pay cash dividends or buy pack scares (stock dividends). The market value of the firm’s equity is RM2.1 million and its snare is selling at RM7 per share. For each alternative, calculate the earning per share (EPS), market puce per snare (MPS), and price earning ratio (PER), Calculate the wealth of Cik Zubaidah, who has 10,000 shares in the ender the cash dividend option only.
  2. If you are to devise a comprising dividends policy for your company, state any two factors that you would consider for the policy?

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