BPMM1013: What would you like to do to increase the average monthly revenues by more than 20%? Justify your choice: Principles of Marketing Assignment, UUM, Malaysia

University Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM)
Subject BPMM1013: Principles of Marketing


  • What would you like to do to increase the average monthly revenues by more than 20%? Justify your choice.
  • Your business partner suggests defining the Brownies Letopss market to understand who might want your brownies cookies and have the means to buy them. Based on the information provided, how do you want to segment the market? Choose the response and explain it.
  • Based on the segmentation selected in the previous question, which group of customers do you intend to target as the primary segmentation of Brownies Letopss? Choose the response and explain it.
  • A competitor launched a new brownie cookie flavor targeting health-conscious customers. The decision impact you significantly, reducing your average monthly revenue by more than 15%. Based on your experience, in which segments do you want to focus on combating this? Justify your choice.
  • Based on the selected target in the previous question, your monthly revenue moderately increase to +8.5%. What would you like to do to increase the monthly average? Justify your choice.
  • Your business partner suggests repositioning the Brownies Letopss by creating a unique selling proposition. Based on your experience, which positioning is a compelling, unique selling proposition? Justify your answer.

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