BNNS6243: Discuss the prevalence of colorectal cancer both globally and in Malaysia, and the contributing factors to its incidence: Gastrointestinal Nursing Assignment, LUC, Malaysia

University Lincoln University College (LUC)
Subject BNNS6243: Gastrointestinal Nursing
  • Discuss the prevalence of colorectal cancer both globally and in Malaysia, and the contributing factors to its incidence.
  • Explain the pathophysiology and clinical manifestations of colorectal cancer.
  • Discuss the level of awareness and attitude about colorectal cancer, both locally and globally, and its implications.
  • Explain the treatment modalities available for the management of colorectal cancer and include some latest research data on its management.
  • Discuss the role that nurses can play to manage and support patients with colorectal cancer to improve their quality of life.

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