Based on the works of any two authors you have read, discuss the portrayal of the social outcast or solitary figure and demonstrate: Bachelor of Arts Assignment, UM, Malaysia

University University of Malaysia (UM)
Subject Bachelor of Arts


  1. Based on the works of any two authors you have read, discuss the portrayal of the social outcast or solitary figure and demonstrate how these characters are used to highlight some of the major themes in the texts. Support your answer with examples from one appropriate work by each author.
  2. Based on the writings of any two female authors from the Romantic era, discuss how these works reflect the debate on female education in the nineteenth century.
  3. Examine the portrayal of motherhood in any two appropriate literary texts covered in the course, drawing attention to the use of this figure either to promote or challenge gender (and even racial) stereotypes in the literature of the era.
  4. In what ways can literature serve a political purpose? Based on your analysis of any two literary texts that you have studied, demonstrate the role of these texts as “political” pieces.

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