Based on observation and secondary data derived from any resources, conduct a company analysis: Operation Management, Report, UUM, Malaysia


University Utara Malaysia (UUM)

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Individual Assignment


Operation Management Report

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  •  This additional guideline is meant for Operation Management students and advisors only.
  • This is an alternative to the part 5 and part 6 of the report (SWOT analysis and  discussion & recommendation). It gives flexibility that suits the student’s field of study and the organization/industry where they select.
  • Use of secondary data from various sources is permitted. Students and advisors please work closely to determine the source of data and the whole course of report writing.
  •  If students are unable to obtain the necessary secondary data, they should follow the general industrial training report guidelines (with SWOT analysis)
  • Report should include:
    1. Company background, Mission, vision & objective
    2. Job description & responsibility/scope
    3. SOP or Work/ Process Flow
    4. Company SWOT Analysis (Explanation the SWOT)
    5. Discussion & Recommendation
    6. Conclusion

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Part 5: Analysis

**company analysis

Based on observation and secondary data derived from any resources, conduct a company analysis.

You may investigate the following areas: operations management, production planning & control, quality & supply chain management, or any other areas in operations deemed suitable.

You may present the analysis in any suitable form: infographic, graphs, or standard report writing.

You may use Total Quality Management Tools (Check Sheets/ Scatter Diagrams/ Cause-and-Effect Diagrams/ Pareto Charts/ Flowcharts or Histograms) to make an analysis only when and if necessary.

If there are any other ways/techniques/tools that is less complex, please consider using that method.

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Part 6: Discussion & Recommendation

Discuss and provide recommendation for the issues/analysis above. Recommendations should be relevant, appropriate, and innovative.

Support the recommendations with at least TEN (10) recent academic citations from no later than the last five years.

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