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As a clinical psychologist, you find yourself grappling with a challenging case characterized by intricate ethical and legal dilemmas. In this scenario, your 45-year-old patient discloses a significant crime during a therapy session and authorities are unaware of this wrongdoing. While you are obligated to uphold confidentiality, you also recognize the potential harm that may arise if the crime goes unreported.

This predicament introduces a conflict between preserving client confidentiality and the legal duty to report specific types of crimes. Based on the scenario, you’re required to answer the following questions and support with relevant examples and recent 5 years literature from reliable and reputable sources.

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1. Construct a well-justified argument regarding the course of action you think the psychologist should pursue, taking into account ethical and legal considerations.

2. Propose a plan of action that strikes a balance between ethical concerns and legal responsibilities. Support your recommendation with pertinent theories and principles derived from the field of clinical psychology.

3. Report an analysis of the potential consequences, encompassing both favorable and adverse outcomes, resulting from the recommended course of action.

4. Suggest your viewpoint on how a psychologist can uphold professional integrity while navigating intricate ethical and legal scenarios.

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