ADS404: All the country in the world has their own system to govern their state such as democratic, communist, totalitarian: Introduction to Public Administration Assignment, UiTM, Malaysia


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ADS404: Introduction to Public Administration

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All the country in the world has their own system to govern their state such as democratic, communist, totalitarian, and monarchy system. I will only focus on democracy system. Democracy is a system where people have the right to draft the law and the policy that will be implemented to govern a state. Through the theory of Karl Marx, extreme democracy can be seen in a communist or anarchy system. He stated that communism is the last stage of social development in a state that implemented direct democracy.

Karl Popper defined democracy as a system that gave a chance to the people to control or choose their leader without making any revolution. There are two basic forms of democracy that exist which are both forms used to fulfill the people’s wishes. In a modern democracy, political power was implemented by the representatives that have been elected through the election process. This is called representative democracy.

Democracy is important because it gives citizens equal opportunities to be a part of the decision-making process involving national interests. In this case, citizens can secure their interests. The politician has to make sure their policy will work for the people or they will not be re-elected in the next election. As Abraham Lincoln said, democracy is the government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

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