A soil sample for new development of Hospital Parity Bunter was collected for laboratory test: Soil Mechanics Assignment, UniMAP, Malaysia


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soil mechanics

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A soil sample for the new development of Hospital Parity Bunter was collected for laboratory tests.

The soil sample has a wet mass of 5.1 kg, bulk density of 1.63 g/cm3, dry density of 1220 kg/m3 and degree of saturation of 78%. From the information given

  • Draw the 3-phase diagram of the unsaturated soil sample by deriving the equations of weight-volume relationships for each of the soil phases (Assumed Vs = 1)
  • Determine the density of solids.
  • Describe the main difference between the dry density and density of solids and give a typical range of values for both.
  •  Explain why high plasticity soil can hold so much water compared to coarse-grained soil.


Complex Problem-solving question sections (field application)
Soil excavated from a borrow pit at another site is being used to construct an embankment (Fig. below). The soil sample from the borrow pit has a specific gravity of 2.7 and unit weight of 17.8 km−3. The weight of the sample was 3.5 N. The sample was then placed in an oven for 24 h at 105°C and its weight was reduced to a constant value of 2.9 N. The soil at the embankment is required to be compacted to a void ratio of 0.71. If the finished volume of the embankment (Ve) is 80,000 m3, what would be the volume of the soil (Vb) excavated at the borrow area? (Assume the volume of solids (Vs) is equal to 1)

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