Fatimah Rahman

1922- Completed Orders

Education qualification:

I finished my MA in Applied Economics from Universiti Utara Malaysia. I am a full-time academic writer who is helping students with their degrees and research papers all over the USA.

Subject paper expertise:

I am a leading expert in the field of economics and can speak about both macroeconomics (the study of economic growth) and microeconomics (the study of market behavior).

Academic paper expertise:

I’m a writer with an economics degree, and I can write any type of dissertation. My years in academia have gotten me up to speed on everything from writing theses to reviewing the literature: you name it.

Work experience:

I am a university-educated economist that has been working as a portfolio manager for the last 7 years. I love being able to share my knowledge and wisdom with students while also helping them figure out how they can get started on their assignments, which is why I took a part-time job at Malaysia Assignment Help where my responsibility includes answering questions about economics topics as well as providing guidance on APA formatting in essays or reports.

Sample Assignment Download

IBM530 Introduction To International Business  Assignment Sample UiTM Malaysia
IBM’s new IBM530 Introduction To International Business gives you a jumpstart on your study of international business. This introduction offers an overview and glimpse into what makes this subject so…
BSR257 BUILDING MAINTENANCE I Assignment Sample UiTM Malaysia
BSR257 BUILDING MAINTENANCE I is a unit about the maintenance and repair of buildings. In this unit, you will learn about the different types of maintenance and repair work that…


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