MEM360 Manufacturing Processes And Technology Assignment Sample UiTM Malaysia

This course covers the various aspects of processes employed in metal, polymeric and ceramic components. Students will be exposed to a variety of manufacturing techniques that are vital for today’s industry leaders who want their products made with quality materials by professionals only. The first section of this course will introduce the students to the different types of processes employed in each manufacturing sector. The second section of the course will cover the different types of materials available for use in each manufacturing process. The third and final section of this course will cover quality control procedures that should be followed during and after each manufacturing process to ensure a quality product is produced.

This course is designed to give students a fundamental understanding of the types of processes available for manufacturing components. Students will learn about the capabilities and limitations of each process, as well as how to select the most appropriate process for a given application. The course will also cover the basics of quality control and statistical methods for manufacturing.

After completing this course, students will have a basic understanding of the different types of processes employed in manufacturing today. They will also be familiar with the different types of materials available for use in each process, as well as the quality control procedures that should be followed during and after manufacturing. This course is perfect for those interested in learning more about the manufacturing process, as well as those who wish to pursue a career in this field.

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Assignment Task 1: Classify the advantages and disadvantages of manufacturing processes for producing a product

There are several different methods of manufacturing a product, each with its advantages and disadvantages. 

One common method is outsourcing, where a company contracts with another company to produce their products for them. This can be advantageous because it can save on production costs, but it can also be risky because the quality of the products may not be as high as if they were manufactured in-house. Another downside of outsourcing is that it can lead to a loss of control over the manufacturing process, which can be critical for companies that produce highly technical products.

Another common manufacturing method is mass production, where products are manufactured quickly and in large quantities using assembly line techniques. The advantage of mass production is that it lowers the unit cost of the product, making them more affordable. The downside is that mass production can lead to lower quality products, as there may be less attention paid to detail and craftsmanship.

A third manufacturing method is custom manufacturing, where products are made to order according to the specifications of the customer. Custom manufacturing can be advantageous because it allows for a high degree of customization, but it can also be expensive and time-consuming.

Assignment Task 2: Predict defects that occurred in manufactured products

It is impossible to predict defects in manufactured products with 100% certainty. However, by understanding the principles of manufacturing and the nature of defects, we can make educated guesses about which types of defects are likely to occur.

Two general types of defects can occur during manufacturing: systematic and random. Systematic defects are those that always occur in a certain way, while random defects are those that occur randomly. By understanding the nature of the product being manufactured and the type of defect, we can often predict which type of defect is most likely to occur.

Systematic defects are usually caused by a problem with the manufacturing process itself. For example, if a machine is not calibrated properly, it may cut parts too small or too large. If there is a problem with the design of the product, that can also cause systematic defects. For example, if the dimensions of a part are incorrect, the part will not fit together correctly with other parts.

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Assignment Task 3: Describe various aspects of processes employed in the production of metallic, polymeric and ceramic components

Metallic, polymeric and ceramic components are manufactured through a variety of processes that include Casting, Forging, Rolling, Extrusion and Sintering.

Casting is a process in which molten metal is poured into a mould cavity. The mould can be made from many materials such as steel, sand or ceramic. Molten metal will fill the cavity of the mould and when it cools a solid piece of metal will be formed. 

Forging is a manufacturing process where a piece of hot metal is pounded into shape with a hammer or press. The process deforms the metal by compressing it while it is still hot. This method can be used to make parts with complex shapes that would not be possible to produce with casting rolling is a process where metal is passed through a pair of rollers to form thin sheets. The rollers compress the metal and cause it to become thinner. This process is used to create thin strips of metal that can be used in many applications such as automobiles or aeroplanes.

Extrusion is a manufacturing process where a material is forced through a die to create a long, thin piece of material. This process is used to create parts with a long, thin shape such as pipes or tubing.

Sintering is a manufacturing process where a powder is heated until it becomes a solid mass. The powder is placed in a mould and heated until the particles fuse. This process is used to create parts with a complex shape from a powder.

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