CSC548 Distributed Multimedia Assignment Example Malaysia

The students are taught about the ins and outs of telecommunications networks, including their design and implementation in multimedia applications.

Networks are not simply taught as a useful technique for computer science students to learn about programming and protocols. They’re also used as a way of teaching them about “Social Networking.” In fact, course materials apparently go so far as to suggest that the course is designed to teach students how web content providers can exploit social relations between users.

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The subject provides the students with an understanding of telecommunications and networking which is related to designing networks for multimedia applications.

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By the end of this assignment CSC548, you will be able to:

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Assignment Brief 1: Analyse scientific skills in assessment related to distributed multimedia

Distributed Multimedia Assessment is a new, reliable and cost-effective modality of assessing skills in communication, interpersonal chats with others from all over the world. With the advance in internet infrastructure, users are now able to engage in advanced communication with others without geographic barriers as well as different economic backgrounds.

The assessment has been combined with techniques from Artificial Intelligence, Crowdsourcing, and Machine Learning for a rating on communication skills that can be applied to a wide range of settings including employment screening or assessment based on social inclusion criteria at a micro-level. It is also applicable to corporations for measuring the customer service level of multimedia-oriented service providers.

Prior to the beginning of Distributed Multimedia Assessment, the psychometric assessment industry has initially focused on psychometric assessments using paper and pencil methodologies. These methods were extremely inefficient in terms of the cost and time required for scoring responses. Hence needing efficient methods, the industry then shifted to Computer-Based Testing using GUI interfaces or web applications.

However, these methods were incapable of providing multimedia supports that are critical to multimedia-oriented skill assessments such as profession, e.g. customer service support, sales, and marketing, etc., where a wide range of multimedia skills are required for successful performance in the respective industries through the multimedia contents such as written documents, audio recordings, and videos. The lack of specific toolkits that can be applied to the psychometric assessments was acknowledged by many researchers and institutions that closely follow the industry.

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Assignment Brief 2: Integrate autonomous learning distributed multimedia

Integrating autonomous learning into a distributed multimedia system is a difficult task. With the ever-increasing rate of development in artificial intelligence, there are many different types to choose from. In order to integrate them, the best option may be to first identify what it is your system needs and then pick an appropriate AI for that job.

Integrating autonomous learning and distributed multimedia is an efficient way to enhance the quality of both educational materials while reducing costs. You can deliver more lessons by using a combination of automated online and/or offline training and selecting content from the video library, rather than covering all subjects in class. Past lectures and videos can be repurposed to animate online courses with mixed media presentations, which offers students a broader range of course materials; unrestricted access to lecture clips; on-demand feedback on assignments; anonymous question & answer systems; adaptive assessment tools (e.g., vocab quizzes); historical/cultural readings, images, audio slideshows for text comprehension.

Assignment Brief 3: Demonstrate managerial skills in distributed multimedia projects

In order to be a good manager, formal training in management is recommended. In addition, companies should look for people with proven leadership skills and managerial experience. It’s also important that a potential candidate has an attitude of continuous learning and eagerness for new challenges. Upon acceptance into the company, managers should take charge by compiling a specific list of measurable accomplishments projects can be expected to produce within a set period of time. This ensures project deadlines are met and allows the manager to chart the progress of each project on their task list at any given time. Often people neglect setting time frame goals because it sounds daunting or estimates are wrong from day one – but just because you get lost along the way doesn’t mean you’re not heading there.

The following are some techniques for developing multimedia projects when distributed teams are involved. These techniques can be metakaide in any situation where the team is not all located in one location, whether it be virtual or remote workers.

Identify an organizational pathway to failure – this includes either missing deadlines, failure to meet mutually agreed upon commitments, or just making a mess of things in general. Further breakdown “to create a plan” each step of the way that you think could happen wrong and then list ways in which you can avoid it happening. For example, say your boss wants you to develop a video on building export quality watches- well obviously if deadlines start slipping and you don’t manage people’s hours properly then productivity will drop, and that will inevitably affect budgets and timelines.

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