CSC402 Programming I assignment sample UITM Malaysia

CSC402- Programming I assignment sample UITM Malaysia

This course is designed to introduce students to the basics of problem-solving using a computer, through an introduction into various aspects such as phases in solving problems and techniques for designing solutions. It emphasizes top-down design with structured programming being used throughout. The emphasis on this assignment sample will be more about how we can use computers rather than what syntaxes are available or which language one should choose when it comes time for coding their solution – instead of that last matter, you’ll find yourself working within limits given by your instructor.

This assignment sample focuses on an introduction to computer and programming, problems related to algorithms, basic elements of computer programs, students will also learn about types of control structures and arrays.

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Assignment brief of CSC402 Programming I Assignment UITM Malaysia

In this course, there are many types of assignments given to students like
a group project, individual assignment, report, business plan, business proposal, executive summary, and the solutions are given by us.
Upon completion of this assignment sample, students should be able to:

Assignment Task 1: Explain concept and algorithm in a programming

This assignment sample explains the concept of the algorithm in a programming language.  A programming language is a notation (most often, but not always), in which programs consist of instructions for computer routines are written. Programming languages allow the programmer to instruct a computer to perform specific tasks by giving it specific commands. A programmer can determine what information the program will need from its user and inputs this data into the specified locations on the screen.

The code can then execute according to these variables that were inputted by the programmer. Programming languages typically consist of nouns, verbs, and adjectives such as numbers or words as well as symbols used for mathematical operations. Programs may also be executed without human intervention if they operate according to their own set schedule coded with time-based triggers within them before being activated at certain times.

An algorithm is a finite set of instructions for solving a computing problem. The goal of an algorithm is to find the answer to an input question as quickly as possible and store the answer. All algorithms are made from five basic constructs, which were first formally introduced by computer scientist Stephen Kleene in 1936 with his work on regular languages:
The five fundamental constructs of an algorithmic process are:

  • Inputs
  • Variables
  • Processing (algorithms that change data in the variable, such as calculations or comparisons)
  • Outputs (algorithms that affect or report on data in other variables, such as writing values to the screen)
  • Decision

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Assignment Task 2: Display practical skills in programming

This assignment example displays practical skills in a programming language. Programming is the ability to take complex ideas and translate them into code. It is a combination of creative thinking, logical reasoning, problem-solving skills, and computer literacy. Effective programming includes strong knowledge of the scope space in order to produce appropriate responses with limited resources as well as embracing changes in various environments such as hardware architecture and operating systems over time.
Skills for Programming include an understanding that older code becomes legacy when new languages or systems replace it while still being functional but outdated. Knowledge on how different parts of software interface together also lead to an understanding that programming language syntax is not a natural language such as English or Spanish and involves its own rules that must be followed precisely in order for programs to work correctly when executed by a programmer.

Skills in programming include the ability to navigate the current and future market landscape. It is also valuable to be able to develop new technologies that meet specific guidelines for performance and functionality.
In addition, a programmer will need strong communication skills since programming is a collaborative process involving discussions between programmers, end-users or stakeholders, project managers, or even developers from different disciplines including HTML5 programmers with high-level languages like Go.

Assignment Task 3: Demonstrate a good work ethic in programming

This assignment sample explains the good work ethics in programming that are:

  1. Present to society and human beings- Programmers should work to make computer systems that can reduce negative consequences to society and everyday life. It is their obligation to do so as a profession, especially if they are not satisfied with the current state of affairs in regards to these issues. We need more people who care about making an impact on our lives for good.
  2. Never harm others- Programmers should work to make computer systems that can reduce negative consequences to society and everyday life. It is their obligation to do so as a profession, especially if they are not satisfied with the current state of affairs in regards to these issues. We need more people who care about making an impact on our lives for good.
  3. Be honest- It is important for programmers to be honest and aware of their limitations when writing computer systems. They should also report anything they know is wrong with the system as soon as possible so that it can get fixed quickly before any damage has been done.
  4. Obey the privacy of others- Developing software that protects users’ privacy is a priority for computer programmers. One of the many ways developers do this is by writing programs to keep people from accessing private information; however, programming isn’t always easy and sometimes undesired parties can find their way in regardless.

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The above assignment sample is based on CSC402 – Programming I.

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