Bombastic Words for SPM Essay Sample

Bombastic words can be used to take some additional rhetorical liberties. These liberties include using exaggerated language or being very eloquent and eloquently overstated. Choosing these type of words is highly subjective but they have been shown to effectively catch people’s attention and interest them more in what you are saying.

Spectacular, phenomenal, and magnificent are just some of the words that you can use to describe this SPM essay. If you’re struggling with your essay, then these bombastic words are sure to get your creative juices flowing!

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Bombastic Words for SPM Essay

Allusionindirect reference
Ambivalenceuncertainty; having ‘mixed’ feelings
Ambivalentunable to decide
Anecdoteshort account of something interesting; story
Anomalousodd; not fitting the pattern
Apparitionghost; something that ‘appears’
Aspersionnegative feeling; damaging remark
Bombastictoo elaborate; exaggerated
Capriciouschangeable; fickle
Cherishedcared for; firmly-held
Clichéover-used expression
Conception1. Idea; view. 2. beginning of pregnancy
Convolutedcomplicated or long-winded
Currency1. Widespread acceptance, 2. money
Decorousgood and correct (used of behavior)
Denunciationact of speaking out against
Derailedthrown off course
Despoticacting like a tyrant
Diaphanousvery thin and transparent
Dictumoften-used saying
Dilettanteperson who dabbles in the arts
Disdainedshowed contempt for
Dispassionateunbiased; fair
Dowageran elderly woman of elevate social status
Egalitarianequal; believer in equality
Elicitdraw out (used mainly for information or feelings)
Elliptical1. Shaped like an ellipse, 2. indirect
Epitomizesacts as a typical example of
Equivocatespeak ambiguously/vaguely
Evasivenesstrying to avoid something
Explicitlyvery clear; nothing hidden
Foragingsearching for food
Hypotheticalbased on guesswork; not proven
Iconoclastperson who goes against accepted authority
Idiosyncraticquirky; unique to an individual
Imponderablecannot be understood
Indecorousnot well-behaved; lacking in dignity
Indigenceextreme poverty
Inherentinbuilt; genetic
Irrefutablecannot be proved wrong
Jingoismusing words to stir up exaggerated patriotism
Judiciousfair and equal
Lamentexpress regret over something
Loquacioustalkative; using too many words
Metaphoricalnot literal; figurative
Milieuenvironment; surroundings
Mitigatedmade less severe
Nascentjust begun; in an early stage of development
Nostalgialonging for the past
Obtrusiveeasily seen
Orthographicalconcerned with writing and spelling
Ossifiedbecome fixed and rigid
Palpablecan be felt
Pastoral1. concerned with the countryside, 2. concerned with the care a pastor gives to someone
Pedestrian1. Boring (adj), 2. person who walks (n)
Perfidytreachery; betrayal
Profligacywasteful and immoral behavior
Prohibitivevery expensive
Prudencewisdom; caution
Purveyorone who sells something or causes something to spread
RespiteBreak (from work etc.)
SparseThin; not thick
Succumbinggiving in to; falling under the influence of
Tenacityfirmness of purpose
Transcendgo beyond a limit
Variegatedmulti colored
Venerableworthy of respect
Viableworkable; able to live or grow
Visceralconcerned with the ‘guts’; physical rather than mental

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