You are a manager at ABC Share Registrars Sdn. Bhd. (ABC), which provides share registration services: Advance Company Secretarial Practice Assignment, UPTM, Malaysia

University Universiti Poly-Tech Malaysia(UPTM)
Subject Advance Company Secretarial Practice Assignment

You are a manager at ABC Share Registrars Sdn. Bhd. (ABC), which provides share registration services and advice to listed companies.
You receive a letter from Richard Jackson informing you of the death of his wife, Stella Jackson, who held shares in companies for which ABC is the share registrar. Richard notes that Stella had: a shareholding in Chadwick Bhd. Richard explains that he has found a very old uncashed dividend warrant for Stella’s holding in Chadwick Bhd.; and a joint shareholding with Richard and their son (who is over 18) in Bravo Bhd. Stella received the dividends on the shares in Bravo Bhd.

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Richard asks what steps ABC will take in respect of the above and asks what documentation he should send to ABC. You receive an email from the Company Secretarial Assistant of Acorn Bhd., one of ABC’s clients. Acorn Bhd. is listed on Bursa Malaysia. Part of the email reads “My manager has
asked me to prepare the dividend timetable for our next interim dividend payment. She wants me to explain the key dates and she suggests that |! do not need to follow the procedure set by Bursa Malaysia on the key dividend dates. She also wants the note to explain who needs to approve the dividend payment and if we can delay announcement of the dividend once it has been approved. As | haven’t done this before, could you advise me on this please?”


a) Prepare a letter which advises Richard on the points he has raised, and which evaluates any additional information or documentation required by ABC.
b) Prepare an email which advises the Company Secretarial Assistant of Acorn Bhd. on the points raised in respect of the dividend timetabie.

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