TSE307/05: Describes Logical Reasoning which includes Critical Thinking in a formal and daily task performance: computational Assignment, OUM, Malaysia

University Open University Malaysia (OUM)
Subject TSE307/05: computational

Question 1

Article 1 describes Logical Reasoning which includes Critical Thinking in a formal and daily task performance.
(a) Describe these TWO (2) types of thinking/reasoning using the information in the article.

(b) Assume the followings premises, and identify the formal reasoning method used to derive the conclusions as specified within the article.

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Question 2

(a) Analyze Article 2 in terms of its application in your working environments within our multiracial society and explain how that can reduce the racial gap to promote unity in general.

(b) Creative Problem Solving (CPS) is a part of Thinking Out of the Box (TOB) the process used in day-to-day task resolving of many situations. Take one of our National Principles (Rukun Negara) and elaborate its application based on points from article 2. You may also include points from article 3 which is relevant to students’ perception.

Question 3

(a) You are in the center of an island that is one mile long and 100 yards wide. The vegetation is very dry from a long drought.

Suddenly it catches fire at one end of the island, and a strong wind is blowing it towards you, burning the whole width of the island. There’s no beach, only sheer cliffs on the other side where you are standing facing the fire, and the
the sea is infested with sharks.

Think of an innovative way how you can save your life without any external help. What can you do in that situation where you are alone?

(b) You are attending an interview for a manager position in a multi-national
company with worldwide establishments. They need a very dynamic and well
thoughtful person for the job.

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