To develop knowledge of the important labor supply and demand concepts and demonstrate this knowledge in the assignment: workforce planning Report, OUM, Malaysia

University Open University Malaysia (OUM)
Subject workforce planning

Assignment Objectives:
1. To develop knowledge of the important labour supply and demand concepts
and demonstrate this knowledge in the assignment.
2. To apply knowledge of unit material in a real-world context by linking relevant concepts to real-world examples.

3. To learn to consistently integrate links (references/citations) of the relevant unit material in a way that supports points 1 and 2 above. A failure to consistently cite unit material and readings will incur considerable penalties to the overall grade.

Module 1 has been designed for you to familiarise yourself with the theory and practice behind workplace planning. Assignment 1 is your opportunity to put theory into practice in your organization using the three main steps highlighted in Module 1.

Assignment 1 is a research task.

You will need to read the Topic Notes and Readings for Module 1 to give you a basis for the information that will be required for the assignment. You will be expected to have a minimum of between 6 to 8 external references.

For this assignment focus on your existing organization or an organization, you are very familiar with such as a well-known public or private sector organization that would be accessible to complete the following tasks. Please contact the Unit Coordinator if you are having problems accessing an organization urgently. The report is broken down into three (3) parts

  • Labour Demand Analysis: For your chosen organization, point out the critical factors or issues, influencing labour demand. Consider ONE of these factors or issues and discuss the workforce changes and any impacts on existing and future jobs? You must use a model of analysis – PESTELID to discuss the megatrends.
  • Labour Supply Analysis:  For your chosen organization, point out the critical factors or issues that are influencing labour supply. Consider ONE of these factors and what challenges does this factor impact on the organization in locating, attracting, and hiring a labour force over the next five (5) years? You must use a framework of analysis – PESTELID to discuss the megatrends.
  • Recommendations/Report to Management:  From your research and analysis in Parts 1 and 2, you need to write a strategic summary to management on how using HRD practice can ensure a more flexible organization that is appropriate for the volatile uncertain and changing and ambiguous (LUCA) world. You also need to articulate the source(s) of data that management will need in their decision-making. You are not to repeat what you have written in Parts 1 and 2 but make some suggestions on how Strategic HRD can assist in achieving their strategic objectives. This section is for you to start thinking about the relationship between workforce planning and employee development and the dynamic capabilities needed, not the HRD process as this is an Assignment.

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