This study aims to examine the influential factors regarding green purchase behavior among Selangor millennial’s from the perspectives of attitudes towards the environment, Research Paper, Malaysia


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This study aims to examine the influential factors regarding green purchase behaviour among Selangor millennials from the perspectives of attitudes toward the environment, environmental concern, the seriousness perceived towards environmental problems and environmental responsibility.

The paper begins by reviewing the overview, background, and problem statement, followed by a set of objectives, the significance of this study and research questionnaires.

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This is research regarding the factors concerning the millennial Behaviour towards Green Purchase. The attitude of purchasing environmentally friendly products and sustainable products or green products is referred to as Green Purchase Behaviour.

Consumers are becoming more conscious and aware pertaining environment-based issues, which are altering consumers’ needs for sustainable packaging and products. Consumer interest in the environment has a great impact on the decision in choosing or purchasing a product.

Consumers become more conscious and aware pertaining of environment-based issues, which has further led to a green revolution that has altered peoples’ needs and demands which in return altered the purchase behaviour. The rapid growth of environmental consciousness and green consumption tendency have pointed towards a critical need for consumer research in regards to the emerging market, of green consumption.

The rapidly growing consumer awareness regarding environmental issues is rapidly changing the consumption patterns towards the need for more products and services which are sustainable (Yang, 2017)


In this era, there has been a significant increase in global consciousness and attention to eco-friendly products also referred to as green products (Nguyen and Nyugen, 2018) which ascribe to factors that are determining consumer demand for more environmental health concerns.

Consumers in both developed and developing nations are increasing their awareness and attention to green products as daily household products, in terms of food and packaging. This has resulted in consumers adopting green products and the changes in consumers’ behaviour toward maintaining a healthier lifestyle and at the same time protecting the natural environment (Cerri et al., 2018).

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Millennial consumers’ purchase of green products is a significant step towards the minimization of harmful environmental impacts. Through means, reducing energy use, and waste and improving health and safety are a form of protecting natural resources.

Further to this, the international IEC 62075 standard had been gazetted. The needs to incorporate this standard are to ensure consistent environmental and other market needs and demands. Green technology manufactured products that cause zero environmental hazards are labelled as green products.

Further to this, purchasers or consumers who are anxious about the environment are referred to as green consumers, they are likely to purchase or consume green products. Products or packaging with little or made from 45 natural ingredients that are assumed to cause no harm in polluting the environment are all examples of eco-friendly products (Haliza Abdul Rahman, 2018).


This is to further elaborate the understanding of the continuously changing green consumption pattern amongst Selangorians particularly the millennial consumers in Selangor which contributes significantly in terms of population, workforce, and purchasing power.

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According to Zenith Selangor, consumers in Selangor are becoming more socially and environmentally conscious (NST, 2016). A poll conducted by Nielsen, in 2015, revealed that 69 per cent of the population had shown interest in purchasing brands that correlate with providing a positive consciousness of social and environmental impact.

At the same time, lacking green players in the market, according to a news article, “Green Products Gaining Traction” (The Star, 2019) resulting a disparity arising from the incompatible effect on firm performance of venturing into green products (Adi and Adawiyah, 2018) and the green consumption pattern.


The questions for this research are crafted as per the following;

i. Is there any relationship between environmental attitude and green purchase behaviour?

ii. Is there any relationship between environmental concern and green purchase behaviour?

iii. Is there any relationship between the perceived seriousness of environmental problems and green purchase behaviour?

iv. Is there any relationship between perceived environmental responsibility and green purchase behaviour?


The following objectives are to identify the factors that influence the Selangor
Millennials’ green purchasing behaviour is generated as the following:
i. To examine the relationship between environmental attitudes and green purchase behaviour.
ii. To examine the relationship between environmental concern and green purchase behaviour.
iii. To examine the relationship between the perceived seriousness of environmental problems and green purchase behaviour.
iv. To examine the relationship between perceived environmental responsibility and green purchase behaviour.


As we know that millennials are the upcoming group of people that is economically valuable to the economy and the country. According to the Department of Statistics Selangor (2021) in its latest Statistik data, millennials in Selangor in the year 2020 are accounted to be about one-third of the total population in Selangor and are surpassing the baby boomers in numbers.

However, not many researchers have taken the initiative to relate to this topic, the Green Purchase Behaviour in Selangor as a context. Therefore this research will examine this topic and provide an understanding of the purveyor and general public interest in the millennial consumers’ purchasing behaviour, especially in Selangor.

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This chapter provides an overview of the factors that influence millennials’ purchasing behaviour. The following chapter will discuss the applications of hypotheses and models related to the research and develop a proposed conceptual framework on the factors that can enable organizations to earmark their marketing attempt on seizing a sizeable faction of millennial consumers in an emerging economy such as Selangor.

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